Kinh nghiệm viết essay đạt điểm cao trong Ielts

Trong bài essay của các kỳ thi Ielts, để đạt điểm cao ngoài việc viết đúng ngữ pháp, sử dụng từ hay thì các cấu trúc expressions hay còn gọi là nhấn mạnh cũng rất quan trọng. Việc sử dụng thế nào để tránh lặp từ cũng là điều mà nhiều thí sinh nên lưu ý. Sau đây là một số expressions mà các bạn có thể tham khảo để viết essay đạt điểm cao nhé.

Kinh nghiệm viết essay đạt điểm cao trong Ielts

Kinh nghiệm viết essay trong Ielts

  1. Introduction

– first of all

– to begin with

– to outline the main points

– firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally / eventually

  1. Enumerating arguments

– in addition to / additionally

– besides / moreover / furthermore

– above all

  1. Weighing up arguments

– on the one hand….. on the other hand

– to consider the advantages and disadvantages

– arguments for and against

– to discuss the pros and cons

– in theory … in reality

– .. and….

– not only … but also

– anyway / at any rate / in any case

– in fact / actually / as a matter of fact

  1. Comparisons

– compared to / in comparison with

– to draw / make a comparison between …and

– similarly

– as well as

  1. Restrictions

– however / though

– nevertheless

– whereas

– although / though / even though

– in spite of / despite

– unlike

– in contrast to / with sth.

– on the contrary

– sth is contrary to sth

  1. Refering to

– with reference to

– regarding

– as regards

– as far as … is concerned

– according to (according to is used to introduce someone else’s opinion. Don’t say “according to me”)

Kinh nghiệm viết essay đạt điểm cao trong Ielts

Luyện viết essay hàng ngày và sử dụng các impressions

  1. Emphasizing

– It is pointed that…

– It is emphasized that…

  1. Generalizing

– on the whole

– to some extent

– to a large extent

– in many ways

– in all respects

– in most/many cases

– basically

  1. Giving examples

– for example/for instance

– such as/including

– in particular/particularly

– to give you an example of what I mean

– to illustrate this point

– et cetera

– that is to say/i.e

  1. Making exeptions

– apart from

– except for

– with the exception of

  1. Giving reasons

– Because/because of

– as/since

– the reason for this is

– the reason why …

– for some reasons or another

– It is believed that…

  1. Consequences

– Therefore

– consequently/as a result

– for this reason/all these reasons

  1. Personal point of view

– in my opinion/in my view/to my mind

– this is a matter of opinion

– in my experience

– as far as I know

– as far as I am concerned

– to be aware/unaware of a problem

– It is the fact that

  1. Agreeing

– I entirely/absolutely agree with

– that’s exactly my own view

– I’m of exactly the same opinion

– I’d like to support this view

  1. Disagreeing

– I partly disagree with

– I don’t entirely agree with

– I agree in principle, but

– That’s not the way I see it

– I’m not at all convinced that

  1. Summarizing and drawing conclusions

– Finally

– last of all

– last but not least

– in conclusion/to conclude

– to sum up/to summarize we can say

– in short/in brief/briefly

  1. Modifying adverbs

– totally/entirely/completely

– mostly/mainly/chiefly

– partly

– comparatively/relatively

– extremely/incredibly

Hãy nhớ những expressions để vận dụng vào bài viết và đạt điểm tối đa cao nhé các bạn.